This conference website is managed by CORE, a tool to manage multiple multilingual conference websites at the same time. (with their own look and feel) It's simple, federated and open source. CORE is developed by Christian Gijtenbeek of TERENA.




CORE allows you to login using your own institutional credentials, instead of having to remember another password, you now just have to remember one! Depending on your given CORE role (set by the administrators of this website) certain features will be available to you on the tabs above. This can range from a full admin, to a read only account.

Keep up to date

At the heart of CORE is the Conference Schedule with its sessions and side events. We added some useful features to make sure you don't miss anything!

Open Source

After TNC2011 we will release CORE under a BSD license. CORE is setup as generically as possible, without many dependencies on a certain infrastructure. This means you can get CORE up and running in no time. To encourage other developers to adapt and extend CORE, we have taken care to make the system as modular as possible. CORE is powered by Zend Framework and complies to PHP standard practices.


This tool was born out of necessity for our own annual conference. We have always tried to make the user experience, for both end users and Conference admins alike, as pleasant as possible, so the focus is on simplicity. The code is also written with this in mind; less focus on features, more focus on an easy to use, and easily extendible codebase.


If you come across any issues, this is a new system after all, please let us know.